Today, I'm here to talk about drugstore makeup! I have come a very long way since I first started my self-taught journey into the beauty world. To be honest, like most, I definitely neglected the thought of affordable beauty being quality beauty in comparison to high-end brands. By partnering with CVS, the leading health and beauty destination for most, I began to view drugstore beauty in an entirely new light! CVS Pharmacy is constantly innovating to serve customer needs by elevating its beauty department and offerings by bringing brands that are not only new and "on-trend," but also those with greater skin health benefits. If you know me, you know that I have struggled with my skin for years which has lead me to be more conscious of what products I allow to come near it, and I love that CVS has become more conscious of it as well, especially considering how affordable their price points are.


I also specifically wanted to talk about the brand Makeup Academy (MUA), a brand developed exclusively for CVS Pharmacy by makeup professionals and beauty experts. Makeup Academy brings premium quality cosmetics and beauty accessories to makeup lovers everywhere. I enjoy how accessible it has become to pick up some of my new beauty favorites including MUA's PRO Illuminating Primer, PRO Contouring Palette, and Liquid Lipstick (in the shade FIG; all products shown in use through the photos below).


I included the photo posted on my Twitter & Instagram with the filter to show you a comparison of the original un-edited picture.

I used the PRO Illuminating Primer as a base for my usual L'Oreal Pro Glow foundation, which can also be found at CVS. The foundation itself is fairly dewy but adding the primer made me look so incredibly hydrated. My skin is always dry as the desert, so I need all the illuminating properties I can get, and this combo was just wonderful! I also applied it overtop of the foundation to have it act as a liquid highlight on the tops of my cheekbones, above my brows, my chin, and the cupids bow. I didn't set it with a powder highlight because I wanted you to see the effects of it! Ultra dewy hydration YAS.

PRO Primers

Available in a mattifying and illuminating formula, these primers provide the foundation for a smooth, seamless makeup application.

I continued to set the T-zone area of my face with the lightest highlight shade in the PRO Contouring Palette. We want to look ultra dewy and hydrated not sweaty, remember? I then began to chisel out my cheekbones and minimize the shape of my nose, forehead, and jaw with the cooler toned shade. It's very subtle, which I loved; even though I have neutral/olive undertones, I am very pale and some contour shades often show up too warm or muddy on me.

PRO Contour Palette


With one highlighting and two contouring shades, this palette helps to define features instantly.

Finally, since it is summertime and all, I used the middle shade to add some color and bronze up my face. I don't always use this shade (sometimes I prefer a more natural chiseled look vs a sun-kissed bronzey look), but I love that I get a choice with this palette without having to pay for both products. If your skin is more warm-toned than mine, this shade will probably work better as a contour for your cheeks!

Overall, these products performed up to par with my high-end primers and contouring palettes. They lasted well all day, and I didn't have any trouble with the application. I find myself reaching for these products especially when traveling because the packaging is so light and compact. These are amazing options for anyone on a budget!

Keep in mind, we are all so different so what works for me may not work for you, and that's okay! Since CVS has an awesome return policy, you can enjoy risk-free shopping thanks to a 100% satisfaction Beauty Guarantee on beauty purchases. If for whatever reason you find the products I mentioned don't work the same for you, you can return it (open or unopened) along with your receipt to any store for a full-price refund, no questions asked which I think is so incredibly helpful when trying out new makeup. 

Another tip, #CVSBeauty has only just begun expanding, so be sure to check your local 24-hour CVS Pharmacy's first! They are more likely to be stocked with newest items from MUA; I learned that the hard way while on my hunt for these products.

The things we do for affordable beauty!

You can also pick up another MUA fave of mine while you're at CVS! Read more about why I love their liquid lipstick in FIG here: