I have always admired my younger sister, Carina. We are 3 years apart but have always been very close growing up. Our friendship strengthened in high school and we've grown exceedingly closer after the death of my dad two years ago (continue reading below)

She is basically the polar opposite of me; she doesn't care about dressing a certain way or doing her makeup all that much. She is extremely intelligent, got the book smart genes, an outgoing personality, and the ability to talk to strangers with absolute ease. She is overflowing with confidence and I can't think of a time she has ever shuttered from embarrassment. She is always up to date on current events and very open-minded. Not to mention she is one of the most mentally and emotionally strongest people I know for only just turning 20. She has always had her shit together, and now, on top of her being a full time student and working 40 hours a week, she has decided to start a blog! Unlike mine, she will not be sharing what she's wearing or what products she's currently using but her personal thoughts and feelings (of which I agree with) about the world and its many imortant issues. If you believe in awareness, gender equality, women's rights, bettering the future of our educational systems and environment, I guarantee you will enjoy her blog. Here is her second and most recent post shedding some light on the word SLUT

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