If you've followed me for a while now you know that I have just recently undergone a major hair change. I never expected to leave my black locks because I felt like lighter hair, and colors in general, don't suit me well. Although, I had thought about taking the plunge for over a year before I actually did it because there were so many things to consider. Like which hair stylist could I trust to actually get the job done without damaging my hair or dragging out the process. I was reluctant until I spoke to Brittney Conkle of Lillie Monroe Studio in Huntington Beach, California. My natural hair color is dark brown, close to black but not close enough for me to have avoided box dying it black in high school. I wanted the process done quickly, mostly because I'm impatient, and because I wanted to blog about it! She started off with a strand test to make sure my hair would cooperate and it did so we took the plunge! After 3 visits (in about one month's time) we did it and I walked out of there with nothing but a trim. Since then, I have undergone multiple hair changes with Britt and will continue to do so. She's my forever hair fairy, I'll never trust anyone else with my hair ever again. If you want to get your hair done by Brittney (and trust me, you do) you can book an appointment by emailing Brittneyhallsb@yahoo.com

Below is a little breakdown of what the process looked like up until my most recent color.