Photos by Hannah Ray

Top: 2020Ave | Hat: KillStar | Shoes: Public Desire | Jewelry: The2Bandits

YASSS FESTIVAL SEASON IS FINALLY UPON US. I first started participating in such occasion only last year. I went to Coachella, FYF and Taste of Chaos but before that, like many others, I thought it was stupid and not worth ranting about. But now that I understand the ways of festival season, I can't get enough of it. I'm no expert but I think I can afford to shed a little light on a few "do's" and "bitch, you better not's" so over the month I'll be sharing my tips and tricks to survive. Let's start with the basics, shall we?

1. HYDRATE: Whether you've popped a molly or just feeling the beat, DRINK PLENTY OF WATER. I brought an empty Brita filtration bottle into Coachella last year and it was a lifesaver considering they give you nasty dirty hose water at the fill up stations. If you don't want to carry around a bulky water bottle or fear losing it, a very rational fear, then set aside some extra cash specifically for water (and food) throughout the weekend. And hey, if you don't mind the taste of ass water, do you boo, just drink a lot of it.

2. COMFORT: No matter what shoes you are wearing, your feet will be in pain this festival season. I mean, you will be jumping around, walking from tent to tent, and dancing your ass off for days straight, not to mention the walk back to the shuttle is hell on earth so wear comfy shoes! Sneakers are in style, take advantage of it. If you're more of a sandal snob or bootie babe then I've got you covered as well.

3. PROTECTION: Sunblock, chapstick, sunglasses. Even a hat if you're feeling it. Bring them all, and bring backups. If you don't like using straight sunblock on your face, get a moisturizer with SPF. Even if your foundation has SPF, apply some before you put on makeup, that goes for chapstick as well. Your lower lip is susceptible to getting sunburnt, just like any other area of skin besides, nobody likes crusty lips. Lastly, the sun is no joke. Get sunglasses with UV protection, there is all kinds of damages UV rays can cause your eyes over time but I'm not a doctor and you have google. Just trust me on this.