Photos by Ron Khy

Bodysuit: SheIn | Pants: Long Clothing | Shoes: TUK | Glasses: Zero UV

If you feel like I'm giving out major Gwen Stefani vibes, that's because I AM giving out major Gwen Stefani vibes. She was such a fashion icon of mine growing up, not to mention Rock Steady was constantly on repeat, I couldn't help but throw a little Gwen inspired twist on the latest "exposed hip" trend. I'm curious...what do you guys think of this trend? I personally love it, it screams old school millennium vibes and it kind of reminds me of that one episode of Degrassi where Manny does it...but with a thong...(see here for reference) 

Anybody else remember watching that episode and being SHOOK? If only my mom would have approved of it back in the middle school days I would have been on the trend way sooner!