Photos by Ron Khy

Flannel: Drop Dead | Shoes: TUK

This look was basically inspired by Ellie from Jurassic Park. Judge me all you want but she was serving LOOKS while being chased down by genetically modified dinosaurs. Beat that.

Anyway, for this blog post I decided to show you how to make what I call, my Home Depot Belt, (clever...I know) because I'm (obviously) very proud of it. It all started one day while I was scrolling through Nasty Gal (pre-buy out) and saw the very belt that was inspired by the one I made going (photo below) for $20. It's a very "me" belt so I added it to my cart SO QUICK and while I shopped around for other goodies trying to hit the free shipping spending limit, I thought to myself, "is this belt truly worth $20? Can I make this myself?" which is honestly what I say to myself before making any purchase. Before going into Home Depot and looking like a clueless head ass I decided to look online for the supplies I'd need to make this contraption and the spending cost of it all. Turns out, this belt only costs roughly $7 and 5 minutes to make on my own. 


It's one of my favorite belts because I get to customize it to fit me perfectly and it makes any girly/boring outfit more edgy. Here's what you'll need:

3/16 inch chain I wanted mine thick, chunky and long but there are tons of different sizes to choose from so customize it how you'd like! My waist is about 23/24in so I got about 3 ft. so I'd have extra chain to hang

1/8 quick link I got the 3 pack in case I wanted to use it for another project but if you get the single you'll spend less!

It's easy as that :) just know your measurements before heading down to good ol' HD and the trip should literally take 5 minutes.

Let me know if you decide to make your own!