Photos by Hannah Ray

Bodysuit/Skirt/Socks: American Apparel | Belt: Topshop | Shoes: Public Desire | Necklace: Jessica Elliot

It is officially March...which sucks. Every new year I feel the gloom of March looming over me because that was the beginning of the end for my dad's life. It was when we were told he can't be cured, when I celebrated my last birthday with him, and the first time I've ever felt heartbreak. On March 21st, it will be 3 years since my dad died of stage 4 prostate cancer. It's the time of year where Brand New's "Guernica" is played on repeat and I will unavoidably cry at the drop of a hat. My dad's passing was my first experience losing a family member, or anyone close to me, and sadly, it had to be the rock of my family. It's crazy how quickly time has passed yet how long it's felt without him. It's hard to explain but not a day goes by where I don't wish I could hear his loud ass snoring throughout the entire house, or wake up early and have another cup of coffee with him. He fixed all my problems and made sure I never felt unloved. I miss him, he was an amazing and hilarious human; so much love, kindness and sarcasm. My whole family says I'm just like him which makes me smile through this hard time. He made me promise I always would!

I know this isn't fashion related and hopefully it didn't bum too many of you out - it wasn't my intention! I just wanted to share and give a little reminder to cherish your loved ones. Love you all! x