Photos by Lily Fassnacht

Dress: Tobi | Cardigan / Shoes / Socks: Urban Outfitters 

I hope everyone's Memorial Day weekend consisted of full tummies and mucho relaxation! Mine unfortunately ended with a gnarly case of food poisoning that of which I am still recovering from. I can't wait to feel better, nothing freaks me out more than something going wrong with my body and being unable to control it. Explains why I can be quite the health freak. YIKES.

This dress has been my best frock the past few days (pre-puking) I outfit repeated all the livelong weekend without a hint of remorse. It was so easy to go from "casual hangin' with the fam" to "dressy dinner date" with a simple change of shoes and some added jewelry. These kinds of pieces are my favorite to have in my closet because I am incredibly indecisive. If I ever want to do the whole "day-to-night" thing then expect me to bring a duffle bag filled with options and shoes to pair with them.