Photos: Hannah Ray 

Top & Jeans: Fashion Nova | Tartan: House of Jam | Shoes: Public Desire 

So, I quit my job on a whim a few weeks ago. I had no backup plan and I'm not one to not have at least an outline of where my future is going. I just knew that I wasn't creating enough and it was effecting me. Coincidentally, the next day I got offered a new job and I was reassured that I totally made the right decision. I am a firm believer of if you let go of negativity, positive things will eventually follow. It can be scary, new usually is, but I also believe that everything always works out how it's supposed to. I don't believe in a God or a higher power being in charge of the direction of my life, just the universe and that doing your best to be a good person will take you where you're meant to be. Anyway, I start my new job next Tuesday! I've had about a month off to shoot and create and plan and relax. It has been AMAZING. I'm sharing this because I want everyone who has been letting any doubts about a life-changing decision  hang over their existence to just go for it. If it feels right, what is best for you or simply just makes you a happier person, you won't regret it Thanks to anyone who is interested in anything I put out into the world. So much love & light to you all and really excited to share all the work I've done over the last month! Ok mushy-ness over, back to your regularly scheduled puns and stuff.