Photos: Hannah Ray

Top: Poprageous | Sunglasses: Freyrs | Cuff: Shop You Are Luminous | Shoes: TUK

Feelin' like a bad ass super villain, watching atop the city buildings, plotting my next evil move...except I'm a total wimp when it comes to heights. Fooled ya, huh? Just another one of Hannah's tricks, she is so good at making me look good, I swear.

Summer may be over, and I may avoid the sun at all costs, but the new swim line from Poprageous is BOMB. How could I resist making an outfit out of it? Not to mention they go perfectly with these 90's frames from Freyrs and dark iridescent combat boots from TUK, which I technically count as a Summer shoe since you need the sun to REALLY see their magic (how bad at Summer am I?)

Anyway, I couldn't be more stoked that it's September! I would say it is the perfect timing to start my YouTube channel, so much holiday inspiration flooding my brain. All I have to do is pick out some lighting equipment, if any of you have any tips on the subject please feel free to chime in! Anyway, I created my YouTube channel, the name is Linabugz (duh) I will update you once I begin filming tutorials. Thanks for being patient to anybody who is as excited about this as I am :D