Photos by Hannah Ray

Suit & Sunglasses: We Are Submarine | Scarf: Poppy Lissiman | Hat: KillStar | Shorts: Volcom

I can't even believe the words I am about to type but ummmm...I am so stoked for Spring. Peace out turtlenecks and jeans, my body is ready for crop tops and short shorts. When the sun is shinin', I am smilin' (who do I think I am?) 

Don't get it twisted though, I still wish Halloween was 365.

Anyway, a little update on my next tutorial, I filmed my go-to makeup look while I was sick and just couldn't get through it. My eyes would not stop watering and the sniffles were so intense I didn't feel comfortable putting up something that wasn't my best. That being said, I'm all better now and I'm going to re-film the look tonight! Can't wait to start putting up more videos on the weekly. The positivity on my first one was insane, I am so grateful! If you missed it, you can check it out now by clicking on the BEAUTY tab in the nav bar. Don't forget to subscribe and leave me suggestions of what you want to see on my channel :)