Photos by Hannah Ray

Overalls: Volcom | Top: PYLO | Shoes: T.U.K 

Festival season has only just begun and I'm super "meh" about it. I would classify myself as a music lover, who really isn't, but I almost dislike just about everything else a music festival entails (i.e. overpriced food & beverages, a cornucopious amount of sweaty douches, and spending numerous days outside in Southern California summer weather) Not to mention I have to pay 2 tons of money for this so-called "amazing experience." Undoubtedly, some of the artists are totally worth all this *cough cough MORRISSEY* and dressing up is always fun, no duh. Which brings us here! My idea of festival fashion varies. Fashion before comfort is my main motto but as I'm getting older I'm letting my rule 1 slide here & there. So, I'm just going to come out and say it...I'm not one for overalls. Because my shape is long and stickly, any sort of one piece makes me look like a string bean out on the town. I've searched near & far for a pair that gives the perfect cozy "boyfriend" look but still fits my small frame properly and by george, I think I've got it! These shortalls from Volcom are THE ONES. If I decide to go to FYF later down the line, you'll for sure catch me in these babies.